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 FILE: Waixun Shuni

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PostSubject: FILE: Waixun Shuni   FILE: Waixun Shuni EmptySat Oct 15, 2016 12:26 am

Name: Waixun Shuni

Age: 30 (Adult Pandaren)

Occupation: Battle-Shaman.


[The following information is documented and well recorded among the Alliance, available from several points within Stormwind and Ironforge alike.]

Waixun "Shuni" was first known to the Alliance shortly after the discovery of Pandaria in the Jade Forest around the village of Dawns Blossom. Working with the Alliance races to fight against the Sha threat, Waixun aided the Alliance forces and was noted as being a valued asset to several small task forces. Once the Sha were dealt with, Waixun swore loyalty to the Alliance under the reign of King Varian Wrynn and his people, fully aligning herself with the allied forces.

During the first several months within the Alliance she quickly started to prove herself useful, as a combatant. She is documented as being well versed with shield usage, however also has some small capabilities with controlling the elements for damage, and minor healing capabilities. She chooses, however, to forsake standard weapons of combat in favour of an ornate totem. It is noted that her understanding of the Common language is impressive, however she struggles to formulate the sentences herself.

Upon medical analysis it would appear she has suffered several blows to the head, it is suspected through combat means, which has inhibited her capability to form sentences correctly in Common. However, according to other Pandaren, she speaks her native tongue near perfectly.

It is recorded that Waixun has time and again heeded the call by several Alliance military personel in campaigns and exercises from the far reaches of Azeroth, from Badlands and Blasted Lands to the Swamps and Northrend. Her dedication to cause is strong, and she appears to have a lot of focus and loyalty to those she chooses to have ties with. Eventually, these ties and connections would lead her to form her own military company.

Along with several other former Alliance military personnel, she formed the group Steadfast Wayfarers, a militant group stationed within Ferelas to assist with Elven military operations and campaigns. She was appointed the rank of Commander, and oversaw the Wayfarers operations until the reopening of the Dark Portal. Her forces pledged themselves to fight the Iron Horde, however sadly most of her companions died during the fight, or was so far scattered they were uncontactable.

After the fall of the Wayfarers, Waixun ran into another group of wayward militants who were combating the Iron Horde, and helped to hold key points and ridges in the early assault days of the campaign. Once portals had been stabilised, Waixun continued her operations against the Iron Horde, acting more as a tutor and a mentor to new recruits as well as a seasoned veteran of combat.

To this day Waixun has been involved in several operations across Azeroth to assist with the Legions presence, and continues to be a somewhat exemplary member of the Alliance within a military manner. It has been noted that recently she has requested some personal down time, and tried to find a group to merge with, who she feels she may benefit as much as they may benefit her.

Further information can be accessed, at any time, within the official records of the Stormwind and Ironforge registra.

Recommendation: A Pandaren who has been with the Alliance since the moment they were discovered. Her loyalty to our faction as well as her impressive records from the last few years are indeed very impressive and a welcome addition to the unit. We also have a severe lack of Shamans so her powers will definitely come in handy.
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FILE: Waixun Shuni
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