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 FILE: Yaevinn

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PostSubject: FILE: Yaevinn   FILE: Yaevinn EmptyFri Sep 16, 2016 11:43 pm

Name: Yaevinn
Age: Very old
Race: Night Elf
Occupation: Druid
Information: Having lived through the War of the Ancients, the Third War and several conflicts in between and thereafter, Yaevinn has an almost unparalleled insight in fighting the Burning Legion and more.
Having once trained as a sorcerer and served in the all-but-forgotten Moonguard in ancient times, Yaevinn has spent the millennia perfecting his use of the druidic form of the Claw as well as traversing the Emerald Dream.
Since the Shattering, he has been serving Azeroth from within the Firelands, part of the token force left behind to stand vigil over the flaming realm, and has done much research into the ways of the Druids of the Flame.
Recommendation: One of the few interesting druids we could find, this one in particular is interesting with his research into the Druids of the Flame. Could be a great help in the future.
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FILE: Yaevinn
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