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 FILE: Ilorae

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PostSubject: FILE: Ilorae   FILE: Ilorae EmptySat Sep 17, 2016 12:18 am

Name: Ilorae
Age: Young Adult
Race: Draenei
Occupation: Seer, Loreseeker and Diplomat
Information: Ilorae, a skilled shaman, was for a time an Alliance emissary after their escape to Azeroth where she faithfully helped establish good connections with the other races of the Alliance.

Ilorae has served in several campaigns. The war in Outland, and Deployment in Northrend. But most notably, she stood along side the Earthen ring. Attempting to repair the elemental chaos that consumed the lands upon Deathwing's return.

She suffered injury in her service to the Earthen ring however. And until present day has taken on diplomatic missions with Pandaria to recover.

Since the losses upon the broken-shore Ilorae has returned to aid in the battle against the Burning Legion alongside the Alliance.
Recommendation: Perhaps her diplomatic skills can be put to use with the various races on Azeroth to avoid unnecessary conflicts. An experienced Shaman is also a welcome addition to the team.
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FILE: Ilorae
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