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 FILE: Y’naar

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PostSubject: FILE: Y’naar   FILE: Y’naar EmptySat Sep 17, 2016 12:17 am

Name: Y’naar
Age: Undetermined
Race: Draenei
Occupation: Artificer
Information: Y’naar is a renowned artificer, for most of her life she went as assistant to the members of the Hand of Argus, following her brother and sister to the battlefield as a member of a support unit. On combat, she’s used to prefer controlling the field with traps, mines and automated weaponry rather than fighting directly. After surviving the assault of Shattrath, she remained in Outlands to rebuild her society, immediately joining the Sha’tar once the opportunity presented. Helping the fight against orcs, and soon Illidan and his servants, she did several visits to the ruins of Auchindoun. After the conflict, she remained at Outlands until the news of a great cataclysm, where she traveled to Azeroth and aid in the final fixes to the Exodar. During the events of Pandaria, she remained in Kalimdor, aiding in the expansion and defense of the Draenei settlements in Ashenvale. During the events at the other side of the red portal, she dedicated most of her time to attack and destroy cults dedicated to the Legion, earning the title of “Legion’s bane” in the organization she led. Now, she wishes to return the fight to the Legion and save the world chosen by her kin to stay.
Recommendation: Her abilities to control the battlefield could come useful for the times ahead, and her skills with armor, weapons and repairs could come useful to patch our armors.
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FILE: Y’naar
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