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 File: Template (OOC)

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PostSubject: File: Template (OOC)   File: Template (OOC) EmptyTue Oct 11, 2016 11:58 am

As a hero - your character has been noticed! These represent in-character files that have been written about your character. Try to remember that when you write them and avoid writing them as a story or diary.

Name: Your name here.
Age: Your age here (Either a number or a description such as "old", "young", etc)
Race: Your race here.
Faction: The faction that your character belongs to other than just "The Alliance" (for example: Ebon Blade, The Exodar, Earthen Ring, etc)
Occupation: Your current occupation here
Information: A brief summary of your character. There are examples on our website if you're not sure what to put.
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File: Template (OOC)
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