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 FILE: Kaaryv

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PostSubject: FILE: Kaaryv   FILE: Kaaryv EmptyFri Sep 16, 2016 11:50 pm

Name: Kaaryv
Age: Undetermined
Race: Draenei
Occupation: Vindicator
Information: Kaaryv is an accomplished Vindicator of the Hand of Argus who uses his formidable strength and devastating holy magic to battle the enemies of the Draenei and Alliance. He fought with the Sha’tar in Outland and Quel’Danas, before venturing to Azeroth and aligning himself with the Exodar faction of Draenei - and the Alliance at large. He has fought with many different Alliance orders across Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend. With the outbreak of war in Pandaria Kaaryv returned to Outland, where he took up his old position as a Sha’tari Peacekeeper in the ruined city of Shattrath. With the Legion invasion beginning back on Azeroth, he has returned to this world to battle the Legion and serve the Alliance.
Recommendation: Another Draenei and this one's a Vindicator no less. His strength and faith is remarkable and will be an invaluable ally to the cause.
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FILE: Kaaryv
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