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 FILE: Farmore McGonner

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PostSubject: FILE: Farmore McGonner   FILE: Farmore McGonner EmptyFri Sep 16, 2016 11:48 pm

Name: Farmore McGonner
Age: 41
Race: Worgen
Occupation: Harvest Witch | Druid
Information: Farmore was once just a simple Harvest Witch that worked on his farm in Gilneas, everything changed however once their great wall fell and he had to use his magic capabilities to defend rather than grow. It showed itself he was not half bad with his powers in battle and quickly cooperated his talents with the newfound worgen form of his.
After the fall of Gilneas and the battle in Ashenvale Farmore underwent training by the Darnassus druids to build upon his capabilities and in the end learn the bear form.
He now serves as a guardian of Alliance backlines, hailing his druidic powers from mid to long range and turns to his bear form once the enemy reaches him and his companions.
Recommendation: A druid whose expertise is casting at a range and a proper threat as melee in his bear form. There's a few spots we can place him for any situation and that'll be useful.
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FILE: Farmore McGonner
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