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 FILE: Luke Salten

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FILE: Luke Salten Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Luke Salten   FILE: Luke Salten EmptySat Dec 10, 2016 11:35 am

Name: Lord Lucan Oliver Samuel Salten goes by Luke Salten
Age: Early Twenties
Race: Worgen (More commonly found in his human form)
Faction: SI:7 (formerly), Operation Shieldwall (formerly), Gilnean Liberation Front (formerly), Kingdom of Gilneas
Occupation: None at present. Former agent of SI:7
His SI:7 file just for you to read your leisure:
Information: Born into a noble family of Gilneas that supported the Northgate Rebellion, he lived a life of luxury as a child. The family was slaughtered by the Worgen when their estate came under attack. Since that point only those closet to him know his true heritage preferring to live life as a commoner. Until his recent resignation he worked for SI:7 on numerous tasks and assignments. He currently is trying to find a place in the world for himself.
Recommendation: For a nobleman he's got an interesting record while working for the SI:7. We believe that he may be of use by being assigned to the Vanguard to use his gathered skills against the Legion.
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FILE: Luke Salten
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