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 FILE: Elyza Lee

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PostSubject: FILE: Elyza Lee   FILE: Elyza Lee EmptySat Oct 22, 2016 2:36 pm

Name: Elyza Lee
Age: Prime
Race: Human
Occupation: Hedge Wizard

Miss E. Lee has a short and concise military background, starting at her acts in defense of the Greymane Wall when the Scourge attacked. Notably, she took no part in the civil war that erupted between Lord D. Crowley and King G. Greymane. Next came her deployment in Stormheim where she was stationed on the Skyfire and later at Greywatch. Miss E. Lee's awesome magic have distinguished her in several operations.

Of note is her skill with alchemy and her knowledge of herbs.

Miss E. Lee is reportedly difficult to work with, yer her loyalty to her home kingdom - AND the Alliance - is unquestionable.

She has proven her magical capabilities in a short time span and over several military campaigns, her loyalty to the Alliance and Gilneas undoubtedly means that she will not cause any trouble when it comes to working together with the unit.
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FILE: Elyza Lee
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