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 FILE: Kali'dreth Duskspire

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FILE: Kali'dreth Duskspire Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Kali'dreth Duskspire   FILE: Kali'dreth Duskspire EmptySat Dec 10, 2016 11:26 am

Name: Kali'dreth Duskspire
Age: Ancient
Race: Night Elf
Occupation: Arcanist, enchantress, researcher
Information: Kali'dreth Duskspire was born millennia before the War of the Ancients; raised in nobility with an innate talent for the various schools of magic. She has been an avid practitioner of arcane ever since the days of early childhood.
The results of the Queen's actions during the war left her deeply ashamed and a firm opposer of both Azshara and her allies, and thus left Kali'dreth motivated to using her skills to defending her kin.
Her days since the exile has been spent perfecting both knowledge and skills within the arcane arts, but ever since Deathwing the Destroyer's return and the end of the exile she has committed herself to aiding the Alliance forces in whatever way she can.
Recommendation: A powerful Highborne mage will be useful against the Legion, her loyalty to the Alliance and ultimately Azeroth make us certain that she will be a very useful contribution to the cause.
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FILE: Kali'dreth Duskspire
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