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 FILE: Barys Oxton

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PostSubject: FILE: Barys Oxton   FILE: Barys Oxton EmptyFri Sep 16, 2016 11:49 pm

Name: Barys Oxton
Age: 39
Race: Worgen
Occupation: Adventurer
Information: Barys first served as an ordinary soldier on the royalist side of the Northgate rebellion, and later in the 7th Legion in their quest to liberate Gilneas. His extraordinary skill was only discovered when he joined the Brawler’s Guild, quickly racing to rank six and defeating Smash Hoofstomp, a tauren champion of the tier. Swiftly following this, he was drafted for Operation: Shield Wall and sent to Krasarang. When the portal re-opened, he was sent along with the expedition to Shadowmoon Valley where he fought the Shadowmoon Clan. He was then sent to Ashran, where he battled the Horde as part of Wrynn’s Vanguard over the Island’s vast resources and artifacts. Finally, he participated in the battles fought in Tanaan Jungle, where he contributed to the defeat of Gul’dan’s Horde.
Recommendation: He's got quite the record on his name and can certainly handle himself in situations that involve overwhelming odds due to the Brawler's Guild participation. A Worgen with as much skill as he has is a good addition to the unit.
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FILE: Barys Oxton
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