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 FILE: Fulke L. Callanach

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FILE: Fulke L. Callanach Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Fulke L. Callanach   FILE: Fulke L. Callanach EmptySat Dec 10, 2016 11:38 am

Name: Dr. Fulke L. Callanach II
Race: Dwarf
Age: 112
Occupation: Transmutation Mage & Master Alchemist
Information: Doctor Fulke L. Callanach II is an experienced and accomplished alchemist, supplying Ironforge and adventurers with all manners of potions, flasks and elixirs for decades.
It's his claim that his alchemy has been instrumental in the fall of several foes of note, from Olyxia (all three occasions) to the machinations of Ulduar.
While his grandiose claims can be disputed, his alchemical skill can not. He is a transmuter with few equals in the field, commanding a mastery over the specific school of arcane magic.
According to the Kirin Tor, Callanach was made to leave his teaching position in Dalaran after, and we quote "turning half his students into cats, and the other half into dogs."
He reportedly fought with other mages in city on many an occasion. Too often did he have to be persuaded to return esteemed magi back to their usual forms.
Recommendation: Callanach lacks real military or even adventurer experience, but he has been observed turning would-be thieves to stone outside his shop in Ironforge with little effort.
He's a capable alchemist with tested offensive and defensive concoctions and an expert in transmutation, from portals to polymorphs to manipulating matter from one element to the next, and no stranger to brawls. With some guidance he would make an asset to the right team.
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FILE: Fulke L. Callanach Empty
PostSubject: Re: FILE: Fulke L. Callanach   FILE: Fulke L. Callanach EmptyTue Dec 13, 2016 9:12 pm

Awarded the Cross of Bravery at the second conclave, the 13th of December, for continued service and displays of great heroism.
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FILE: Fulke L. Callanach
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