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 FILE: Loras Quinn

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PostSubject: FILE: Loras Quinn   FILE: Loras Quinn EmptySat Dec 10, 2016 11:17 am

Name: Loras Quinn
Age: 30
Race: Human
Faction: The Knights of the Silver Hand
Occupation: Paladin & Adventurer
Information: Born and bred within the Kingdom of Stormwind, Sir Loras has spent his life in service of the Silver Hand (first as a squire, then knight in full). His capabilities primarily focus on the offensive use of the Light to augment his prowess as a melee combatant. His military career thus far has been fairly distinguished – his service includes the War against the Lich King in Northrend as an Argent Crusader (and member of the Ashen Verdict), as well as fighting for the Alliance on the Broken Shore. His record is, however, patchy due to an individualistic streak and a tendency to refrain from active work in favour of travelling.
Recommendation: A companion and friend of the Commander who's seen plenty of action alongside him. While there is no guarantee he'll remain with the Vanguard for long his service, however short, may be invaluable in the fight against the Legion.
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FILE: Loras Quinn
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