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 FILE: Raene Stillbough

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FILE: Raene Stillbough Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Raene Stillbough   FILE: Raene Stillbough EmptySun Oct 09, 2016 6:56 pm

Name: Raene Stillbough
Age: Unspecified
Race: Night Elf
Occupation: Scribe, lorekeeper, archivist. With healing and lunar/solar magic affinity.
Information: Raene is a Winterspring born druidess. An adolescence full of snowball fights and frostbite had shaped her into a druidess whose past had initially been aimed at priestesshood. Though affinity for solar and lunar magic can not be ignored and so she was trained in her magics and healing in Ashenvale.
While her work isn't directly of the magnitude as many others in the upper brass of the Alliance, her set of very specific skills is nearly unmatched by any human, dwarf or gnome. Healing, magic, inscription and an archiving is probably a crucial set for any adventuring team.
Recommendation: We have a fairly low number of healers so that'll definitely be of use to us, add in the inscription and archiving knowledge we could use that to our advantage when encountering difference races.
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FILE: Raene Stillbough
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