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 FILE: Case Advaren

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Name: Case Advaren
Age: Twenty Seven
Race: Human / Worgen
Occupation: Cenarion Circle Druid, Intelligence for SI:7 (though not officially an agent)
Case was raised by harvest witch parents who'd set up a comfortable life for themselves through a specialised grape-production business alongside the communal duties of a harvest witch. Case was sent to private education to learn logistics and resource management to further aid the family business when he came of age, as well as being taught the Old Ways by his parents.
From a young age he found the Old Ways far more interesting and as he got older he began to learn from other harvest witches than his parents, eventually finding he could mend wounds with his gift.
From then he began to focus more on his mending abilities and less on what his parents wanted him to study.
When Gilneas was overrun, he ran into the city with the single minded need to help. A squadron of guards recognised him and his abilities and they protected him from the worgen as they evacuated as many citizens as possible. They were eventually overrun, but Case grew more patriotic in that one day, watching men in Gilnean armour and tabard die to keep him alive. It only served to further his desire to help people.
When the night elves came and he was taught about their own natural magic and how strikingly similar the harvest witch methods were, however basic, he knew what his 'calling' in life was.
For the next four years he was trained intensely under both the sentinels in armed combat, and under the elder Shan'dos in Druidism, eventually progressing to entering the tutelage of the Cenarion Circle in Moonglade. Due to the aspect of Goldrinn within him, he progressed as a druid in a short space of time unlike anything the Kaldorei had previously witnessed and it wasn't long before he could learn nothing more in the safe grove of Moonglade. He had learned a new druidic form, taking it as his idol, shown a good level of competance in harnessing Solar and Lunar energies, and a good understanding of biology, medicine and restorative magics.
When he could be taught no more, he was enlisted with the Alliance army to aid with the assault on Orgrimmar. After this he flew to Pandaria and aided the locals there with their efforts to restore the lands corrupted by the war. When he heard that Garrosh Hellscream had escaped custody, he immediately volunteered to join the effort to retrive him, not quite aware or even ready for what lay beyond the Dark Portal. He faced a trial by fire in Draenor and found he worked best combining all of what he knew to be the strongest force he could be, rather than just focusing on healing or scouting. He gained a slight knowledge of demons and fighting them towards the end of that campaign and made good use of this knowledge during the recent invasions of Azeroth, but now the King has died and Greymane seems intent revenge. His SI:7 contacts also speak of Mathias Shaw edging for an all out war against the horde. Though Case abhors the idea of all out war, especially after seeing what it did to Pandaria, the undead are not something that should exist, they have no place in the cycle of life. The forsaken especially are a threat to the natural balance with their vile means of warfare and unknown motivations. So Case once more has taken up arms and signed on with the army, this time his home army.

Recommendation: Though Case's Stormcrow form is an invaluable means of gathering intelligence, he prefers to make use of his other talents and enhanced form in open combat, where he can assist with spear, blade and Elune's wrath, and heal with nature magic on the go, as such his suited position may be up for debate but he would prefer to be in the fight against the legion up close.
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FILE: Case Advaren
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