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 FILE: Elaevehra Rosefire

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FILE: Elaevehra Rosefire Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Elaevehra Rosefire   FILE: Elaevehra Rosefire EmptySun Oct 09, 2016 4:37 pm

Name: Elaevehra Rosefire
Age: 147
Race: High Elf
Occupation: Magus, Tailor
Information: Prior to the fall of the High Kingdom, Elaevehra studied the arts of the Arcane. While in Quel'thalas, she was tutored by her parents, whom were both Magi of the Spire. The young elf had a knack for it and spent most of her days studying and learning, until the day the Scourge came. She was taken into the Spire and safely teleported away with a few other Elves, and haven't looked back since. Elaevehra traveled to Dalaran as fast as she could to finish her studies and become an official Mage of the Kirin Tor, and has been working with them closely ever since. Eventually, she found herself working for a household and she became its Head Magi for a few months. During this time, she got a chance to expand her knowledge on other kinds of magic. Recently, she has been in Dalaran, researching away about the Broken Isles, specifically Suramar and Azsuna.
Recommendation: Valued for her brains and her previous leadership experience, the Elf's broad knowledge of Arcane and Fel will also be useful to defeat the Legion.
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FILE: Elaevehra Rosefire
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