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 Lionheart Vanguard - Complete Roster

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PostSubject: Lionheart Vanguard - Complete Roster   Lionheart Vanguard - Complete Roster EmptyFri Oct 07, 2016 5:16 pm


Adolphus Tobias Jaggerhawk - Artisan Engineer and Agent of Stormwind.
Alarik Steelgut -  Dwarven Engineer and Heavy Infantry Soldier of Ironforge.
Alysdair Caryll - Worgen Death Knight of the Ebon Blade.
Barys Oxton - Gilnean Adventurer.
Carcaroth Aélin - Knight of the Silver Hand.
Case Advaren - Gilnean Druid of the Talon.
Elaevehra Rosefire - High Elven Magus.
Fulke L. Callanch - Dwarven Alchemist and Transmutation Mage.
Grannd Thunderbraid - Mountain King of Ironforge.
Grelind Stormfeather - Wildhammer Shaman.
Illorae - Draenei Seer and Diplomat of the Exodar.
Kaaryv - Vindicator of the Hand of Argus.
Kali'dreth Duskspire - Highborne Arcanist.
Lana Swiftstrike - Pandaren Assassin.
Lian-Ji Earthpaw- Pandaren Shaman of the Tushui Order.
Loras Quinn - Knight of the Silver Hand.
Lotheridan Hartford - Knight-Champion of Stormwind.
Luke Salten - Former Gilnean SI:7 Agent.
Luynaraeth Thyris Ravenoak - Night Elven Druid of the Claw.
Nashj Cadarm - Darnassian Sentinel.
Nefti Shortspark - Gnomish Scout and Monk.
Saleisha Aneatros-Aélin - Human High Priestess of the Holy Light.
Sarujo Windfist - Pandaren Lorewalker.
Theodóre Thorne - Human Crusader.
Vendaas, Artificer of the Hand of Argus.
Waixun Shuni - Pandaren Battle-Shaman.
Wexley "The Doctor" Arcwood - Gnomish Engineer and Battle-Mage.
Yaevinn - Night Elven Druid.
Y'naar - Draenei Artificer.


Anienna Duskweaver - Sentinel Captain and Druid of the Claw.
Aslaeth Stormbloom - Night Elven veteran of the 7th Legion.
Artemis Azareal - Human Warlock of The Black Harvest.
Cisilla Ratil - Sergeant of the Stormwind Army.
Darnafel Leafblade - Night Elven Outrunner and Scout.
Elissandra Caine - Knight of the Silver Hand.
Elyza Lee - Hedge Wizard
Farmore McGonner - Gilnean Harvest Witch.
Kalrite Roach - Operative of Gnomeregan.
Kiera Cinderbrow - Dwarven Pyromancer of the Stormpike Guard.
Lunathrone - General of the Nestlewood Owlkin.
Nincie Cogscreech - Gnomish Death Knight of the Ebon Blade.
Pittink Plaguesprocket - Gnomish Knight of the Ebon Blade.
Raene Stillbough - Night Elven Scribe, Lorekeeper and Archivist.
Thaylaera Nightshroud - Night Elven Druid of the Wild.


Alexei Helmesfall - Human Monk and Adventurer.
Jailynn Mildenhall - Human Knight of the Ebon Blade.

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Lionheart Vanguard - Complete Roster
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