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 FILE: Thaylaera Nightshroud

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PostSubject: FILE: Thaylaera Nightshroud   FILE: Thaylaera Nightshroud EmptyFri Oct 07, 2016 5:12 pm

Name: Thaylaera Nightshroud
Age: 400 or so
Race: Kaldorei
Occupation: Druid, Healer
Information: Thaylaera has had a rocky start on her path through druidism, thanks to the kaldorei expectation of what she should be doing with her life. Largely ignoring the gesturing and suggestions from her elders, she's spent a great deal of her life immersing herself in all things druid; self-teaching on flora and fauna, herbology and above all else the restorative powers of Azeroth herself.
With the changing of the rulebook in the Cenarion Circle post-Third War, she's benefitted from having a more proper, in-depth and official place of learning, with quite the foundation of pre-existing knowledge to springboard off of. A potent druid in the making.
Recommendation: With a combination of both strong magical restorative abilities and a competent understanding of herbology, potion-making and good old-fashion suturing, Thaylaera makes for quite the supportive ally. She can look after herself too, making her a suitable battlefield-ready medic.
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FILE: Thaylaera Nightshroud
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