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 FILE: Adolphus T. Jaggerhawk

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FILE: Adolphus T. Jaggerhawk Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Adolphus T. Jaggerhawk   FILE: Adolphus T. Jaggerhawk EmptyFri Oct 07, 2016 4:52 pm

Name: Adolphus Tobias Jaggerhawk
Age: 38
Race: Human
Occupation: SI:7 agent, Artisan Engineer
Information: Agent E056 aka Sails specializes in cloak and dagger operations with a focus on stealth tactics and guerilla warfare. He’s a narcissistic tinker with an aspiration to rival the works of dwarven and gnomish engineering. His record is far from clean but the Azeroth’s Most Elite Spy Organization nevertheless sees him as a good addition to the ranks. His complete dossier may be requested from his handler – Case Officer Haytham Hallington at SI:7 Headquarters.
Recommendation: Adolphus' experience behind enemy lines throughout various conflicts would prove useful on the Broken Isles. Besides the Cloak and Dagger expertise. He's proven as a capable engineer and is continously aspiring to become better - succesfully learning to operating a Iron Demolisher while in hostile territory is no easy feat; neither is repairing a turbine of an Alliance Gunship. His guts and wits along his expertise could proven invaluable in the days to come.
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FILE: Adolphus T. Jaggerhawk
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