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 FILE: Saleisha Aneatros-Aélin

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FILE: Saleisha Aneatros-Aélin  Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Saleisha Aneatros-Aélin    FILE: Saleisha Aneatros-Aélin  EmptyWed Oct 05, 2016 4:47 pm

Name: Saleisha Aneatros-Aélin
Age: 29
Race: Human
Occupation: High Priestess of the Holy Light
Information: Lady Anestros greatly reveres the Light, and holds immense respect for the Shadow. She has lent her healing capabilities to many a campaigns, serving under the King with fierce loyalty and unbreakable devotion. She has also voyaged on several diplomatic tasks. She currently lives in Stormwind City with her husband and son, spending most of her time studying and helping out at the Cathedral.
Recommendation: A Priestess of the Light alongside Father Campbell to heal and inspire her allies in combat, and afterwards, will no doubt be required. Again, her loyalties ensure that she will perform her task admirably in the coming battles.
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FILE: Saleisha Aneatros-Aélin
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