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 FILE: Alysdair Caryll

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FILE: Alysdair Caryll Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Alysdair Caryll   FILE: Alysdair Caryll EmptyWed Oct 05, 2016 4:38 pm

Name: Alysdair Caryll
Age: 33
Race: Human (Worgen)
Occupation: Death Knight
Information: Like all Death Knights, Alysdair’s constitution is ideally suited to that of a soldier, possessing both unnatural stamina, strength and a more detached, ‘pragmatic’ mentality towards warfare. With an unyielding, almost addicted personality to warfare, he has fought with distinction in many recent campaigns, Maintaining close ties to the Ebon Blade, his loyalty remains strongly to the Alliance.
Recommendation: While we are slowly approaching a 'healthy' amount of Death Knights within the unit, this one specifically seems like yet another good addition. A trained killer in service to the Alliance and fiercely loyal as well will no doubt help our cause.
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FILE: Alysdair Caryll
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