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 FILE: Lana Swiftstrike

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FILE: Lana Swiftstrike Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Lana Swiftstrike   FILE: Lana Swiftstrike EmptyWed Oct 05, 2016 4:35 pm

Name: Lana Swiftstrike
Age: 36
Race: Pandaren
Occupation: Scout, Assassin
Information: A Pandaren assassin who's intiation into the order of the Shado-pan was interrupted by the conflict that occured on Pandaria. Swiftstrike was quick to lend vital aid towards the efforts of the Alliance after seeing the havoc inflicted upon her home by the Horde. Her endeavours earned her a place among the Alliance Vanguard during their efforts to push back the Iron Horde on Draenor, She has served the Alliance since.
Recommendation: We have no assassins within the ranks yet, so adding Swiftstrike may be very beneficial for the Spear. Some times it's better to have a leader assassinated so that his army is weaker and the mission much easier in the end.
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FILE: Lana Swiftstrike
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