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 FILE: Darnafel Leafblade

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PostSubject: FILE: Darnafel Leafblade   FILE: Darnafel Leafblade EmptySat Oct 01, 2016 7:02 pm

Name: Darnafel Leafblade
Age: Young-ish.
Race: Night Elf
Occupation: Her Alliance records show some previous service as an outrunner and scout for the elven army during a few various military operations. Even a few years of sentinel service in Darnassus is mentioned, which is odd seeing as Darnassus is barely a decade old.
Information: Darnafel only recently showed up on Alliance records but with a little bit of suspicion seeing as most other night elves appeared on Alliance records at the time of the creation of the Alliance. However her years of service to the Alliance has quelched any doubts of her loyalty to the point where her records now blend in with the rest.

The records in question mention a possible uprising in the Feralas forests much akin to the rest of the elves. Not much else is known seeing as her uprising occured centuries ago.
Recommendation: An Elven outrunner and scout may especially be useful to us and while her past does seem to be relatively unknown to us she's proven herself quite the capable ally of the Alliance.
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FILE: Darnafel Leafblade
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