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 FILE: Luynaraeth T. Ravenoak

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FILE: Luynaraeth T. Ravenoak Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Luynaraeth T. Ravenoak   FILE: Luynaraeth T. Ravenoak EmptySat Oct 01, 2016 6:56 pm

Name: Luynaraeth Thyris Ravenoak
Age: 538
Race: Night elf
Occupation: Druid of the Claw
Information: Luynaraeth has been through a lot of events through her ‘’short’’ life. For a peroid of time she has stood in the pits of blood, fighting for her life as she has always, in a way ever since she was little, trying to find her place in this world. Although she did not give up and has shown uremarkable resolve, later joining the Cenarion Cirle, rumored to have been one of their skilled, and perhaps even ruthless field combatants. She left because she wanted to be more free in her own actions, as well as explore the world on her own terms. Her attunement to her inner beast and ferocity makes her a fearsome oppenent and a valuble ally to take note of.
Recommendation: A good hand to hand combatant that also knows her way around healing and mending, a skill passed down to her from her father. she knows her way in the wild world and wont back down from a challenge, and will press on as far as she can go. Luynaraeth is resourceful in many ways, and her attunement to her feral sides make her a dangerous opponent.
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FILE: Luynaraeth T. Ravenoak Empty
PostSubject: Re: FILE: Luynaraeth T. Ravenoak   FILE: Luynaraeth T. Ravenoak EmptySun Oct 23, 2016 9:10 pm

Awarded the Cross of Brutality at the first conclave, the 23rd of October, for continued service and displays of great strength.
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FILE: Luynaraeth T. Ravenoak
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