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 FILE: Wexley Arcwood

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FILE: Wexley Arcwood Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Wexley Arcwood   FILE: Wexley Arcwood EmptySat Sep 17, 2016 12:22 am

Name: Dr. Wexley Arcwood
Age: 69
Race: Gnome
Occupation: Battle-Mage, Engineer
Information: Innovator, playboy, philanthropist; Wexley Arcwood attended the heights of Gnomeregan’s academies in both robotics engineering and the arcane, later transferring to Dalaran to further his arcane studies. Throughout Dr. Wexley’s military service he has been tasked with the acquisition and study of enemy weaponry. Dr. Wexley’s expertise in Legion technology, as illustrated by his invention of a miniaturized Fel Reaver has granted him with renown among some engineering circles and the eye of the higher echelons of the Alliance military, in both appraisal and caution.
Recommendation: With new Legion technologies emerging daily, this Gnome’s expertise in their tech will be invaluable in turning the tide of the war effort.
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FILE: Wexley Arcwood
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