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 FILE: Nefti Shortspark

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PostSubject: FILE: Nefti Shortspark   Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:18 am

Name: Nefti Shortspark
Age: 106
Race: Gnome
Occupation: Scout, Monk
Information: Born into a family of Engineers and Tinkerers (What gnome is not?) Nefti decided that the only logical conclusion was to become a Soldier instead. She quickly showed a vast talent to manipulate attention…be it away from her, for better scouting, or towards her, for a proper distraction. Ever since she was part off every major conflict that it presented itself to Azeroth, eventually having the honor of joining the Ranks of the 7th Legion as an „Expert of Distraction and Extraction“ during the Northrend campaign. She eventually got send to Pandaria during the early days of its rediscovery. She has been on station there ever since, learning the tricks and trades of how to be a Monk.
Recommendation: One can always have use of an experienced Scout, and being part of the 7th tells of her skill. Having trained with the Monks of Pandaria surely has its uses as well.
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FILE: Nefti Shortspark
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