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 FILE: Kiera Cinderbrow

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PostSubject: FILE: Kiera Cinderbrow   FILE: Kiera Cinderbrow EmptySat Sep 17, 2016 12:16 am

Name: Kiera Cinderbrow
Age: 59
Race: Dwarf
Occupation: Pyromancer
Information: Kiera Cinderbrow started as an arcanist in training as part of the Kirin Tor during the Second War. Following the city's destruction during the Third War, she enlisted in the Ironforge military where she made a name for herself as part of the Stormpike Guard during the battle for Alterac Valley with her talent for pyromancy.
She has served the Alliance in every major conflict ever since and has recently returned under the wing of the Kirin Tor after the crushing defeat on Broken Shore.
Recommendation: Her mastery over fire can prove to be a useful tool. Ranks of Horde, Scourge and Demon alike have been reduced to charred husks in her wake.
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FILE: Kiera Cinderbrow
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