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 FILE: Kalrite Roach

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PostSubject: FILE: Kalrite Roach    FILE: Kalrite Roach  EmptySat Sep 17, 2016 12:15 am

Name: Kalrite Roach
Age: 119
Race: Gnome
Occupation: Operative, Somewhat-Engineer
Information: This scrapper of a Gnome replaced his family name with a fake moniker he received at a young age. Spending most of his early years in the pirate filled port of Booty Bay. Kal grew up learning what he now knows best, fighting and infiltrating. Having little interest for engineering. Finally being able to put his skills to the test after following a band of Sellswords, he was able to witness the world. Engaging in many conflicts, fighting alongside his brother in arms for coin and glory. Though it all came to an end after the Band, for reasons unknown, disbanded. He moved from group to group, finally settling down in the Steamfist Initiative. Which was lead by one Alarik Steelgut. He stayed for a good amount of time, even managing to learn a bit of engineering, the craft he thought he despised. After the Steamfist, the old gnome took many years away from the conflict between the Alliance and Horde, but now he's back to serve once again.
Recommendation: He may have a troubled history but having his former leader within the unit could make sure he remains loyal to the cause. His infiltratiot skills will certainly be required if we are to defeat the Legion.
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FILE: Kalrite Roach
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