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 FILE: Sarujo Windfist

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PostSubject: FILE: Sarujo Windfist   FILE: Sarujo Windfist EmptySat Sep 17, 2016 12:12 am

Name: Sarujo Windfist
Age: Middle Aged
Race: Pandaren
Occupation: Wandering Monk, Lorewalker
A Pandaren Monk struck by wanderlust early in his life. Always a curious gleam in his eye as he eagerly searches for new knowledge to add to the archives at the Temple of Five Dawns. However when Pandaria was discovered - he came to learn the horrors of war. His own sister was a victim of Garrosh's reign and because of her defiance - paid for her life.

He blamed himself ever since - he had come to late to save her yet he fought to avenge her at the Siege of Orgrimmar. Ever since that day - his ties with the Horde was severed. Sure he was cordial but he could never forgive them for the loss of his sister. He buried himself with scrolls and was inducted as a Lorewalker during the campaign on Draenor.

However when the Burning Legion invaded and the counter-offensive on the Broken Shore failed. He was among the monks whom gathered at the Peak of Serenity before it was overwhelmed by demons. He aided in the evacuation effort to the Wandering Isle but now - he vows to fight the Legion to his dying breath and with his paws alone if he has to.
A pandaren monk in the unit could be a great boon - especially with his wandering habits which requires him to carry heavy loads of equipment. He's a Lorewalker too which means you get both a scholar and fighter. With the Horde's betrayal at the Broken Shore he's certain in the Alliance's cause and will not be a problem should we encounter (hostile) Horde forces.
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FILE: Sarujo Windfist
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