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 FILE: General Lunathrone

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FILE: General Lunathrone  Empty
PostSubject: FILE: General Lunathrone    FILE: General Lunathrone  EmptySat Sep 17, 2016 12:11 am

Name: General Lunathrone
Age: Prime
Race: Owlkin
Information: General Lunathrone is one of Nestlewood’s most elite and veteran fighters, and often sees dispatchment to various parts of Kalimdor to deal with immediate threats to Nestlewood. He is the incarnated fury of Elune, who grants him cosmic powers, command over stars and comets, moon- and sunlight. This owlkin was promoted for his efforts in Northrend and is now tasked by his command in Nestlewood to serve the Alliance as best he can
Recommendation: While he may seem as an odd choice he's participated in Alliance efforts before and successfully so. His extraordinary cosmic powers could be a great boon to the unit.
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FILE: General Lunathrone
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