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 FILE: Grelind Stormfeather

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FILE: Grelind Stormfeather Empty
PostSubject: FILE: Grelind Stormfeather   FILE: Grelind Stormfeather EmptyFri Sep 16, 2016 11:51 pm

Name: Grelind Stormfeather
Age: Nearing old age.
Race: Dwarf
Occupation: Shaman
Information: Grelind has a fairly distinguished military history. Records begin with his lengthy deployment with his Thane, Kurdran, through the Dark Portal. The shaman served in Wildhammer Stronghold until the great cataclysm, where thereon he served in General Thunderbraid’s Anvilmar Iron Bridge, obtaining the rank of Brigadier. He boasts several campaigns to his name – most notably in the Broken Shore, Krasarang, Ashenvale and the Borderlands – and is an esteemed shaman and warrior.
Recommendation: Brigadier Stormfeather's proven his worth countless times across many Alliance campaigns both against the Horde and the Legion as well in Outland. If need be he could easily take leadership roles upon him.
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FILE: Grelind Stormfeather
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