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 FILE: Jailynn Mildenhall

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PostSubject: FILE: Jailynn Mildenhall   FILE: Jailynn Mildenhall EmptyFri Sep 16, 2016 11:47 pm

Name: Jailynn Mildenhall
Age: 51
Race: Human
Occupation: Knight of The Ebon Blade
Information: Born in Southshore and serving the Alliance up until being killed in an ambush, Knight-Captain Jailynn Mildenhall was unquestionally loyal to her family and the Alliance. She enlisted in the Second War, and continued to fight until she was reported missing in Northrend after around two decades of service. She then returned to the Alliance to serve in Pandaria, Draenor and fought at the Broken Shores.
Recommendation: She places her loyalty to the Alliance above her duties within the Ebon Blade. Her experience on the battlefield can be seldom matched, and as a Death Knight, her prowess is further strengthened, and her lacking needs to rest or eat provide her versatility to fit into any role.
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PostSubject: Re: FILE: Jailynn Mildenhall   FILE: Jailynn Mildenhall EmptyTue Dec 13, 2016 9:14 pm

Posthumously awarded the Grand Cross at the second conclave, the 13th of December, for making the ultimate sacrifice in service to both the Vanguard, The Grand Alliance and Azeroth as a whole.
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FILE: Jailynn Mildenhall
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