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 FILE: Alarik Steelgut

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PostSubject: FILE: Alarik Steelgut   FILE: Alarik Steelgut EmptyFri Sep 16, 2016 11:44 pm

Name: Alarik Steelgut
Age: 140
Race: Dwarf
Occupation: Engineer, Heavy Infantry Soldier
Information: The son of Dwarven farmers from Dun Morogh, this inquisitive Dwarf took an interest in engineering at a young age, developing it from a mere hobby to a specialist subject as he matured. His services were later called upon by Ironforge where he was given military training before being sent off to wherever his skillsets were needed, his interests in both engineering and the art of war are what set him on his current path. Several years ago he developed the first version of his 'steamsuit', putting it through rigorous testing during the Borderlands Campaign. Many years of service later, and after contributing towards a handful of causes, his creations are nearing the peak of their development.
Recommendation: An engineer in the unit is a good idea as their creations can always be beneficial to the mission. His 'steamsuit' as it were is a testimony of the Dwarf's skill.
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FILE: Alarik Steelgut
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